McDonald's suggests employees return holiday gifts to get out of debt, group says

A group calling for higher fast-food wages, Low Pay Is Not OK, claims a help site for McDonald's employees suggests their workers return holiday gifts and take other measures to get out of debt.

"McDonald's knows that they don't pay their employees enough to make ends meet -- and they want to 'help,'" the group says. "But instead of paying us enough to get by, they made a McResources website that's chock full of CLUELESS (and offensive!) tips."

The website of Low Pay Is Not OK  posted what they said were screengrabs of the "McResource" site offering these tips:

  • "You may want to also consider returning some of your unopened purchases that may not seem as appealing as they did."
  • "Selling some of your unwanted possessions on eBay or Craigslist could bring in some quick cash."

The group says 52 percent of fast-food employeess' families rely on public assistance. It's asking companies to pay workers $15 an hour "so they can make ends meet."

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