Massive mako shark jumps onto fishing boat, gets stuck in handrail

A massive mako shark jumped aboard a fishing charter boat and got stuck in a handrail earlier this month.

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Video shows the more than 8-foot shark violently thrashing in an effort to free itself after getting wedged in the handrail July 6 on the Outlaw Fishing Charters boat.

"He jumped on the boat," a person exclaims in the video. "Oh my gosh."

At one point, the shark bites the handrail until its mouth is bloodied. Capt. Don Law and other fisherman rope the shark around its tail and help get it back into the water before cutting the rope and watching it swim away.

Mako sharks, an apex predator, typically grow to about 10 feet and weigh 300 pounds. They can swim 20 mph and have been recorded jumping up to 30 feet into the air.

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