Man's pants catch fire when iPhone explodes in pocket

A Missouri man is fearing cellphones after his iPhone began to smoke and eventually lit his pants on fire.

Ronnie Moore, 21, said he was enjoying the Fourth of July with family in St. Peters, Missouri, when he "felt a sharp pain" on his thigh and noticed that his iPhone was causing a fire in his pants, KSDK reports.

"I started hearing sizzling, and I'm like 'You're on fire,' and he's like 'Mom, I'm on fire,' and I'm like 'Get out of the truck, get out of the truck!'" Moore’s mother, Terry, said.

Moore told KSDK that he took his pants off and saw some pieces of his phone fall out with smoke coming off them.

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"It was on the ground and it was just bubbling, there was smoke everywhere," Moore said. "I have no idea what could've happened, what could've caused that," Terry Moore added.

Having been burned, Moore said he doesn’t anticipate getting a new cellphone anytime soon.

"I really don't want anyone's life in jeopardy. I praise God that my son survived, it could've been worse. But I think we need to bring this to the public's attention," Terry told KSDK.

Apple said it was not something that did not happened often and did not comment further to KSDK about the incident.

Ronnie Moore was taken to the hospital with first- and second-degree burns and said he plans on filing a complaint with the company.