Man finds prehistoric mastodon tooth on Myrtle Beach

A North Carolina man in search of shark teeth came across an even more rare find -- a mastodon molar that’s at least 10,000 years old.

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Chon Carlile, of Lexington, first thought he picked up a piece of trash when he plucked the fossil from the sand, WFMY reported.

"I love nature, and to find a prehistoric artifact is awesome," Carlile told WFMY. "I collect skulls, rocks and other natural artifacts and love to educate my friends and kids about the outdoors.

Experts indicate it’s a mastodon molar because of the cone-shaped cusps on the tooth, which were used for crushing plants and wood. Mastodons went extinct some 10,000 years ago

Carlile said he will try to find an appropriate museum so other people might be able to see and appreciate the relic.

Until then, Carlile told WFMY, "This will be a great showpiece and conversation piece next time someone mentions fossils at the house."

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