Man fights off swarm of bees to rescue woman after car catches fire

A Florida man who pulled a woman to safety after her car caught fire Friday ended up needing help himself.

The woman, who did not want to give her name, said she was thankful for the man who helped her.

The woman said she was traveling home on the east lane when she lost control and over-corrected, careened off the road, falling 15 feet down the embankment and into the Saint Johns River.

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At the same time, her car caught fire as it sat wedged in the weeds and swamp, the woman said.

That's when a passerby stopped to help, pulling her to safety.

However, before the man could get to her, he said he had to fight through a swarm of bees and smoke. The man was treated by first responders for numerous bee stings, and later taken to a hospital.

Witnesses said his face was swollen when he was loaded onto a stretcher.

The woman was not injured.

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