Man falls through gym skylight during wrestling match

Credit: Nevergalready/Pixabay

Credit: Nevergalready/Pixabay

A 19-year-old was sent to a Florida hospital after he fell through a gym’s skylight during a wrestling tournament Friday night.

And law enforcement officials say the man wasn't alone when he fell, WCJB reported.

Deputies with the Alachua County Sheriff said at least 8 people were with the man before he fell through the glass and plummeted to the floor, according to WCJB.

He landed on a wrestling mat, WGFL reported.

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"Sounds like according to our investigation, one of them threw a cellphone up to the absolute upper level of the gymnasium, four of these individuals went up to the top level and started walking across the roof, the individual who fell through, stepped into a skylight and crashed about 40 feet down onto the gym floor below.," Lt. Brett Rhodenizer, of the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, told WCJB.

The incident was caught on video.

"Watching this boy, I look up at the skylight and I see somebody else looking down from the skylight -- what in the world is happening," Sharyn Gonzalez told WGFL.

Deputies cited six people for trespassing. Four of the arrests were students at Buchholz High School where the incident happened. Two, including the 19-year-old who fell, were students at a nearby high school, WGFL reported.

The students also all face disciplinary action, Gainesville Sun reported.

Rhodenizer said the man was injured, but officials said they are not sure the extent of the injuries. They do expect him to have at least an injury to his back, the Sun reported.

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