Man doesn't remember getting brown recluse spider bite that lands him in hospital

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Michigan man is recovering after spending days in the hospital for a spider bite that he doesn't remember getting.

Dan Riippa told WWMT that he was first alerted to the bite on his leg when he was playing a round of golf with his pastor June 23.

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Riippa developed flu-like symptoms and a sharp pain that radiated up and down his leg. The initial black mark on his calf that his pastor noticed grew into a red, swollen mass the size of a fist in hours, Riippa told WWMT.

Riippa's doctor thought initially that the bite was from a tick, but a trip to the emergency room confirmed that it was a brown recluse bite. Riippa spent five days in the hospital.

Riippa remains on antibiotics, but is recovering. He told WWMT that he likely got the spider bite while he was hauling brush.

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