Jet blast kills tourist near Caribbean beach on planes’ landing, takeoff path

A woman on vacation in the Caribbean is dead after she was knocked down by a jet blast near one of the worlds most dangerous beaches.

The beach, which neighbors the Princess Juliana International Airport, is famous for how low planes fly over sunbathers, the BBC reported.

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The tourist, a 57-year-old woman from New Zealand, was standing near a fence connecting the airport to the beach, when she was pushed down by the jet wash, The New Zealand Herald reported.

The paper said the woman and her family were holding onto the fence at the end of the runway when a Boeing 737 took off for Trinidad.

She was blown backwards and hit her head off of the pavement.

The woman, who has not been named, died shortly afterwards from head injuries, The Telegraph reported.

It is popular for beach-goers to stand near the fence as planes land and depart, allowing the jet blast to push them into the water.

But there are danger signs posted, warning people of the danger of standing behind a jet, the BBC reported.

The fence is about 165 feet away from the ocean.

This isn't the first injury to happen when people were watching a plane at the beach. Back in 2012, a woman was injured when she was thrown against a concrete barrier by the jet wash, The New Zealand Herald reported

The video of her flying through the air was posted to YouTube.

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