Jessica Alba's The Honest Company is accused of using this chemical it promised to avoid

Jessica Alba’s baby care brand, The Honest Company, is under fire after a chemical the company has pledged to avoid was allegedly found in one of its detergents.

The Honest Company prides itself on providing quality, eco-friendly and socially responsible products at an affordable price for families. On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is used in one of the detergents on the website.

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Alba’s brand has an Honest Free Guarantee which claims that all products are free of chemicals. Sodium lauryl sulfate is among the listed ingredients that The Honest Company guarantees are not included in its products.

People reported that The Honest Company released a statement denying The Wall Street Journal’s findings.

“Despite providing The Wall Street Journal with substantial evidence to the contrary, they falsely claimed our laundry detergent contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). To set the record straight, we use sodium coco sulfate (SCS) in our brand’s laundry detergent because it is a gentler alternative that is less irritating and safer to use," the statement read.

This isn’t the first time that The Honest Company’s integrity was brought into question. Last year, the company faced two lawsuits for the effectiveness of its sunscreen. One suit claimed it was “unnatural” and “synthetic.” Another suit stated The Honest Company was “deceptive” and “mislead” consumers into believing it was “natural.”