Infant smothered after toddler brother climbs into crib to cuddle, police say

A touching moment between young brothers turned tragic Tuesday night when a 6-month-old boy died after his 2-year-old brother climbed into his crib with him.

Houston police officials said the boys' father put the younger boy down for the night in his crib, and then put the toddler to bed in his own bed, KTRK-TV reported. When he checked on the children about 90 minutes later, they were in the crib together and the infant was unresponsive.

The toddler apparently climbed in the crib to sleep with his baby brother, the news station reported. It appeared that the younger boy somehow smothered as they slept.

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An autopsy was planned to determine exactly how the baby died, but investigators believed the death to be a tragic accident, KTRK-TV said.

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