Hot car trial: Mistrial possible as jurors overheard discussing case

A citizen's disclosure Monday that he overheard other prospective jurors discussing their opinions on the Justin Ross Harris case could possibly lead to a mistrial, according to one legal observer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday.

Juror 22 said he overheard other jurors expressing their belief that Harris, accused of intentionally leaving his son inside a hot car to die, was guilty. That's a clear violation of the court's instructions not to "consult, confer or talk with any other person" while completing the questionnaire.

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“If it is true it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a judge could declare a mistrial and start over,” said Marietta defense attorney Philip Holloway, who has been following the case since the beginning.

Holloway said he expects Cobb Superior Court Judge Mary Staley to further examine the allegation.

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“It should be noted no other juror has mentioned this,” Holloway said.

Jury selection will continue following a break for lunch.

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