Heartwarming: Teen's touching note to police officers at restaurant goes viral

Officer Rance Quinn experienced a first in his career of more than 20 years when a teen girl subtly dropped a napkin on the table where he and his partner were enjoying lunch. Written on it was a short but sweet note.

The police department shared the story on Facebook, garnering hundreds of shares.

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As many of you are aware there has been a significant anti police movement over the last few years.  It can cause those...

Posted by Kansas City Kansas Police Department on Friday, March 25, 2016

“She laid the napkin kind of nonchalant on the table, looked at us and kept on walking,” he recalled. Quinn read it, with just enough time to smile and send her a thumbs up sign as she and her family walked out.

“This young lady touched us in a way she might not have realized,” the police department writes. As Quinn put it, “We’re human, too. We like to feel the love just like everybody else does.”

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But the love was not done coming. A mother of two young children walked up to the officers, explaining that her 5-year-old deaf son always wanted to meet a police officer. After their young admirer left, they went to pay for the meal – only to discover it was already paid for by the teenager who left them the napkin note.

Before they left the restaurant, the mother whose son was such a big fan insisted on giving them a gift card and telling them how much she supports them.

Quinn told WDAF-TV the encouragement was especially significant as he feels the anti-police rhetoric becoming more vocal. He now carries the napkin, and its message, with him to be a reminder on the tough days of why he does what he does.

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