Group covers bus stop in inspiring messages

The group who decorated a Jacksonville, Florida, bus stop with Post-It notes said they did it as part of an international mission to spread kindness and inspiration.

“Take risks” and “Life is a gift” are a few of the messages stuck to the stop.

Tuesday they explained the greater movement behind the notes.

"We all coordinated and six of us came out on Saturday to do this item," Amanda Marron said.

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The item Marron is referring to is part of Gishwhes, the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen.

The scavenger hunt was created by actor Misha Collins and the group Random Acts.

Players compete from anywhere in the world and create weird and beautiful art, do crazy fun activities and committing heartwarming acts of kindness, according to the Gishwhes website.

"It's basically just something to put a little weirdness and a little bit of kindness back into the world and spread positivity," Nicole Zaunbrecher said.

Collins tweeted a photo gallery of the collage of Post-Its and it reached thousands of people.

Bus rider Pete Davis said he was happy to see the notes on Tuesday.

"It is absolutely gorgeous and everywhere you go, something like this should happen," he said.

The creators said they hope their efforts carry lasting value.

"To see how people have really taken this and enjoyed it totally makes my entire day," said Cassandra Netherton.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority said even though the notes are considered graffiti and littering, the agency will give the community a few days to view the notes before taking it down.

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