Grandmother surprised when she hears teen grandson singing song she wrote 30 years ago

What a beautiful way to celebrate a grandmother.

Travis Smith has given his grandmother something priceless. He penned the music to lyrics she had written 30 years ago.

Smith is a teen who is also considered an up-and-coming-singer, Mirror has reported.

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He decided, with a little prodding from his father, to come up with a tune for lyrics Travis’ grandmother, Tommie Sue Wilkey, wrote back in the ‘80s.

Travis and his father worked with a friend with the musical arrangements and added some backup singers, Mirror reported .

Travis surprised her on Christmas Eve with his version of her song “Fishing in the Sky.”

Wikey was speechless, except for a squeal of surprise before crying, overcome with emotion when she realized was her song.

Travis' father, Robert, recorded Wilkey's reaction, which has gone viral with millions of views, with more than 5.9 million coming from one Facebook post.

The song is now available on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.

You can also follow Travis' career here.

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