Grandmother accused of leaving young granddaughter alone in order to get high

Credit: Allegheny County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Allegheny County Sheriff's Office

A Pittsburgh grandmother is behind bars after police say she left her 4-year-old granddaughter home alone Friday evening while she went to get high.

Another woman found the little girl walking alone after the child flagged her down, police said.

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"I'm like she looks a little too young to be by herself. And as soon as I said that she didn't have any shoes on, she waved me down," she told WPXI. "Said she was walking to school at Crescent."

Crescent Early Childhood Center is in Homewood, nearly 2 miles away.

"I put her in the car, I tried to find her parents and couldn't find her parents so I ended up taking her to the day care and called the police," the woman said.

Police say the reason the woman couldn't find the child's parents is because her grandmother was across town trying to buy drugs, WPXI reported.

According to the criminal complaint, her grandmother, Selina Sapps, was watching her but admitted to police she went to East Liberty to get high and that she left the child with someone else, but police couldn't find them.

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