Good Samaritans pay off layaways for Walmart customers in Georgia

There are four Walmarts in Forsyth County, Georgia, and now everyone who had items in layaway can take those things home free and clear, thanks to a random act of kindness.

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It all happened because of a Santa Claus of sorts in Forsyth County this week. One man filled with holiday spirit felt compelled to help others.

"We just felt a tug in our hearts," said Forsyth County resident Greg Dolezal. "To engage our friends to see if we could make it happen."

Dolezal said he was inspired by the kindness of celebrities like Tyler Perry and Kid Rock, who both spent hundreds of thousands of dollars paying off layaways at various Walmarts.

"We don't have the resources of Tyler Perry or Kid Rock, but we know the community does, and the community has massive hearts," said Dolezal.

Dolezal sent some emails to friends, and within six hours, his friends had donated $20,000. He said that's when he knew something special was happening.

"I think that's fantastic," said shopper Ashlie Thompson. "I mean what a great way to give back."

"If you've got the resources and can do it, and make somebody's day a little bit greater, that's a great thing," said shopper Ed Rivers.

Dolezal said within 48 hours, he had raised enough money to pay off layaways at two Walmarts. And on Friday, just six days after sending a few emails, he and his friends and his community, had raised enough money to pay off all layaways at all four Walmarts in Forsyth County.

Just like Santa Claus, Dolezal didn't want to be featured in this story. He only agreed to speak with us because he was so grateful for the support of the community, and he hoped it would inspire giving in others.

"To talk about the wonderful people that are here (in Forsyth County) and what they've done, then we need to tell that story," said Dolezal.

Dolezal said he was thrilled but not surprised by the generosity in Forsyth County.

In all, the community paid off about $40,000 in layaway bills.

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