'Oh, good God': Megyn Kelly lets her emotions slip about Donald Trump

Upon learning Wednesday night that Donald Trump bragged about providing ramps for people with disabilities at his many commercial properties, which he is required to do or risk breaking the law, Megyn Kelly reacted as many Americans did — in utter disbelief.

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“I spend millions of dollars on ramps, on all sorts of things in buildings,” Trump said.

“In some cases … many cases … things I don’t have to do, but I am a tremendous fan.”

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“He doesn’t get any extra credit for that,” Kelly said in disbelief.

Kelly’s main criticism of Trump came from comments he made that reminded viewers of some of his headline-grabbing statements during the campaign.

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“What is he doing, re-litigating every controversy from the primary season?” she said.

During the discussion on why he would bring a federally mandated provision into his building contracts, one of Kelly’s guests noted with a smile that “they’re very expensive in his buildings.”

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“Oh, good God,” Kelly said, burying her head in her hand.

Kelly wondered why Trump feeds into a media cycle that is starting to play against him.

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“Must he help them? Must he help them so generously every day?” she asked.

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