Girl with rare bone disorder has wish for birthday cards

Mason turns 3 in April and already has had 10 fractures. Her last two birthdays were spoiled by broken bones.

So, this year, rather than a party, Mason hopes to get a deluge of birthday cards, at least one from every state.

"Paige LOVES getting mail," her mother Stacey Mason wrote on Facebook. "I usually must give her something to open (we always have junk mail she can have) when i'm opening the 'real' mail so I thought it would be wonderful if all of you could send her a card for her birthday to open."

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Mason does have a small celebration with family and of course cake and ice cream planned. The cards are something Paige could open with or without a cast, her mother said.

"I know that terminal children often ask for cards, and I kind of second-guessed this, because Paige isn't terminal, but I thought it would be something sweet to have as a memory when she gets older," Mason told Today.

Paige turns 3 exactly one month from today!! We would love more then anything if you could send her a birthday card. We...

Posted by Take a Break with Paige on Saturday, March 5, 2016