Gifts for 3-year-old daughter stolen from single mother's car

A mother whose Christmas gifts for her 3-year-old daughter were stolen from her car parked out front of her home was overwhelmed by support from strangers in the community.

Constance Alexander parked her car packed with gifts for her daughter Jeih-Lah, locked the car and ran inside because her daughter was ill on Wednesday, according to WBRC.

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She was inside for maybe five-10 minutes taking care of her daughter. When she returned to the car, everything was gone including an iPad with irreplaceable family photos.

"I just would like for people in our area to stop taking from each other, please. Yes, it's Christmas, get out there and work for it," she told WBRC. "I'm a single parent, I take care of this child by myself every day, I work every day. Can you all please stop taking from people."

More than 500 people reached out to Alexander by Sunday. Strangers offered to replace gifts, gave money and messages of support.

 "They have been overwhelmingly and seriously a blessing. Like, I am just so thankful for all the gifts, text and Facebook messages. I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much," Alexander told WBRC.

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