Gas station attendant helps catch alleged kidnapper

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An observant gas station employee in Arizona is being credited with putting an end to a suspected kidnapping that triggered an Amber Alert earlier this week.

ABC reports that gas station clerk Karen Akins quickly became suspicious of Karen Ferguson, 57, who entered the establishment with a baby that she claimed was her granddaughter. Ferguson stated that her car broke down nearby. Akins observed Ferguson attempt to give the baby, 6-month-old Laylani Mosley, sips from the woman's cappuccino milk beverage. Ferguson was also unable to clearly answer simple questions about her granddaughter's name.

Akins and her supervisor then realized that the baby was connected to a recent Amber Alert, and immediately called 911. Akins was able to keep Ferguson in the store by helping her with the baby. Akins changed the baby's diaper and took her picture.

Police arrived and arrested Ferguson.

Court records indicate Ferguson is bipolar and is believed to have been off her medications at the time of the incident.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office credit Akins' observant nature and quick-thinking for helping bring a happy ending to this family kidnapping incident.