Gas mask-wearing man removed from aircraft for causing panic

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Panic on aircraft, gas mask-wearing man is removed from flight

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A man wearing a gas mask was taken off a Houston bound flight Thursday after causing a panic, according to KTRK.

American Airlines flight 2212 was delayed in Dallas-Fort Worth for at least an hour because a passenger donned a gas mask while wearing a black beanie. The mask did not have a filter which confused passengers.

"I had a seat in the back. I was sitting there. I was talking to the lady next to me. We heard a little bit of commotion. I looked up and saw a guy coming onto the plane wearing a full gas mask, which was kind of odd. He didn't have a filter, which I thought was more strange," Joseph Say told KTRK.

After the person was escorted of the plane, the flight continued on to Houston according to KPRC-TV.

American Airline representatives acknowledged the incident on Twitter.

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