Former CFO who delivered viral Chick-fil-A rant now on food stamps

Credit: AJC file

Credit: AJC file

Adam Smith, 37, thought he was doing the right thing by standing up for his beliefs and protecting the rights of gay people when in 2012, he decided to speak his mind at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru.

But his taped rant directed at a Chick-fil-A employee first cost him his job, then his home and now his career, according to an ABC report.

The former CFO, who once earned $200,000 annually and had over $1 million in stock options, is now on food stamps, unable to secure work because of his online reputation.

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The husband and father of four quickly apologized for the rant that went viral on YouTube, but the damage to his professional image had already been done.

In 2012, Smith was fired as CFO of the medical device company he worked for, after the videotaped rant generated bomb threats directed at the company.

Smith was forced to sell his home and move his family into an RV, but he did land another CFO job months later. He was fired after just two weeks, when management discovered his infamous video.

Looking back, Smith says he doesn’t regret the message he delivered, but he regrets the way he addressed the employee.

For the record, that Chick-fil-A employee forgave him in a video that also went viral.

You can watch the original video that started it all below.