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Florida officer’s actions in school fight under investigation

The video shows an officer in a khaki shirt breaking up the fight between students. One of the students gets hit with a baton several times.

A school spokeswoman confirmed the officer’s actions are under investigation but it’s unclear if he will face any disciplinary action.

“The school is aware and has been informed of the issue. A full review and investigation is being conducted,” said Marsha Oliver, a Duval County Schools spokeswoman. “The school is taking a look at it to see if anything falls outside of what's appropriate for the safety and well-being of students.”

Many Facebook comments about this are in defense of the officer.

Javier Zamora wrote:

“He didn’t use lethal force to break a fight, I think he acted accordingly, well done.”

But others say the officer went too far.

“I think they forgot the fact that they're still children pretty much those are someone's children your beating it's actually pretty heartbreaking,” said Jazzmen Hall, a neighbor.

Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson said there is a lot we don't see in these situations.

“We don’t know if he was threatened,” Carson said. “That’s the problem with video, you only see it from one angle.”

A woman who identifies herself as the aunt of that student said the boy is scared to return to school.

"Education and safety is the first concern for these children," said the student's uncle, Shane Norris.