Florida Man Facing Felony Charges After Dogs Found Eating One Another

Florida man arrested after starving dogs found eating one another, police say

A Florida man is facing a felony animal cruelty charge after his emaciated dogs were discovered eating each other, police said.

According to WFLA, Lakeland police arrested Genar Smith, 54, on Sunday after finding five malnourished pit bulls chained or in cages with no food or water, authorities said. Two of the dogs appeared to be eating a dead dog, and one living dog was missing part of its tail, officers said.

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Smith, who said he fed and watered the dogs daily, claimed that Parvo had killed the dead dog, police said. He said they had never been to the vet.

The dogs are now in the care of animal control, the Ledger reported.

Smith is being held on $1,000 bond, according to the newspaper.

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