Florida governor announces plan to raise teachers' minimum salary to $47,500

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is calling for $600 million to give new teachers a pay raise.

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Florida has two problems in this area: low starting pay makes it hard to attract new teachers, and low regular pay makes it hard to keep teachers, WFTV reported.

When the school year started in August, there were 3,500 vacancies statewide.

A total of 25 states pay new teachers more than Florida, putting the state at a competitive disadvantage.

"I'm convinced that this will make a big difference; it's significant," DeSantis said.

The money would boost starting teacher pay by about $10,000, increasing the minimum salary to $47,500 and moving Florida from 26th in the nation to second.

"This is an investment, an investment in our children, and our teachers, and our future," said state Sen. David Simmons.

Simmons says Florida can no longer afford low pay.

The same as the state competes for jobs, it also competes for teachers, and lately, Florida has been falling behind.

As far as veteran teachers and their pay, the governor has said the $603 million request isn't his final proposal.

Many of the details of the proposal are still being worked out. The governor indicated the money would come from general revenue.

There would also be something built in to address teachers already on the job.

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