Fake robbery call lands Papa John's pizza manager in jail

A Florida pizza shop manager told police that he was robbed at knifepoint, but authorities said his 911 call was a hoax.
Justin Miller made up the robbery and admitted to police that he took the deposit money from the Papa John’s in DeLand, Florida, authorities said.
Police said Miller called 911 on Saturday, claiming that he had been robbed while stacking dough trays.
"I was out back fiddling with my dough trays and someone walked up behind me and held a knife to my back and asked me for my money," Miller said on the 911 call. "I couldn't really tell. Um, it looks like he was wearing all black clothes, maybe a hoodie and a ball cap."
At least a dozen deputies and DeLand police officers responded and searched for the robber for 40 minutes by foot and by helicopter, but turned up nothing. 

When authorities interviewed Miller again, he started showing signs of deception and deputies managed to get the truth out of him, authorities said.
Police said Miller led them to the deposit bag containing more than $1,300 that he had hidden under cinder blocks at a chimney house.
"You know, hoax calls like this take away resources from real emergencies," said Andrew Gant of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.
Miller bonded out of jail after facing a judge over the weekend.
Papa John’s officials said Miller was fired.
Miller is charged with felony grand theft and two counts of making a false police report.
If convicted, he could face up to seven years in prison.