Elementary school students missing for hours after being placed on wrong bus

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Fred Giles, the manager of AKS Transportation, confirmed that a half dozen elementary school children were placed on the wrong bus and spent more than two hours riding around after classes were dismissed.

Giles said the bus driver was “flying blind” and had no route information.

Brooke Fenyus, a second grader at Logan Elementary School, was on her bus until police intervened at 5:30 p.m. Officers said they drove three other children home.

“We did find all the children. We did make contact with their parents, and we got everyone home safely,” Giles said.

However, the problems deepened for other parents who complained that buses were running close to an hour behind schedule.

“We're working closely with the school district and the local police department and everything to make sure that we're all getting the same stories for this type of situation, that it doesn't happen again tomorrow,” Giles said.

Parents said calls to the school district went unanswered. Channel 11 also received no immediate response when contacting the school leaders.

“I expect a lot better from the school, but I expect a lot better that this doesn't happen again to our child or somebody else's child,” Clark Fenyus said.