Dogs left for dead in locked Florida shed make great escape

Phoenix smiles for her adoption photos (Florida Keys SPCA via Palm Beach Post)
Phoenix smiles for her adoption photos (Florida Keys SPCA via Palm Beach Post)

A pair of dogs from the Florida Keys are in the process of finding loving homes following a miraculous story.

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According to, the two dogs, Roscoe and Phoenix, lived in a home on Big Pine Key's Sandy Circle that caught fire on Jan. 27. Following the house fire, the dogs, both 3 years old, were put inside a shed on the property and deadbolted inside.

One day after the fire, Phoenix, a floppy-eared cattle dog mixed breed, was able to chew through the wooden door and break through a window, allowing Roscoe, who’s part Chihuahua, to escape the shed.

When neighbors reported seeing Roscoe running around, animal control officers arrived and were told to check the shed by the neighbors. Officers also found Phoenix with her face sticking through the hole that she had created.

Phoenix sustained bloody gashes and cuts to her face from breaking through the window, but her injuries have since healed.

The dogs were not microchipped and no one is sure where the homeowners went after the fire. No one was hurt in the blaze.

Roscoe has been adopted, but Phoenix is still up for adoption at the Marathon animal shelter. Though shelter officials would have preferred the dogs had remained together, fear that the perfect home wouldn't materialize led them to separate them.

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