Does checklist add too much pressure for first day of kindergarten?

They have picked out the perfect backpacks and matching lunchboxes. The lists of school supplies have been purchased, labeled and stacked, ready to head to class.

But is your new kindergartner really ready to head to school?

That's a question recently posed on Reddit.

A Redditor, identified by "The Today Show" as Lucas Hatcher, posted a photo of a note making sure that new students are ready for the school year.

But it's not simple kindergarten expectations like using the restroom by oneself and sitting still for a short period of time.

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The list contained tasks like writing one's name, knowing 30-plus letters (meaning upper and lower case), counting to 10 or more and cutting correctly with scissors.

The person who posted the image of the list titled: "I have failed to prepare my son for Kindergarden (sic)."

Hatcher said that he focused on the 30 plus letter requirement, since the alphabet has only 26 letters. But according to "Today," many people reacted to what they thought was the extreme nature of the requirements.

"Today" reported that the school that one person's son attends school expected him to read fluently by the end of the year.

"Today" contacted the principal of the school that sent out the list. Tom Arnold said Ooltewah Elementary School's email, which also included a list of fees and supplies needed for the year, was guidance so parents could get their children ready for school.

An educational psychologist said Ooltewah's list is comparable to what is expected across the country because of competitive preschools that start teaching academics earlier than in decades past.

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