College students evicted after peepholes found inside apartment

Two college students in Boston made a disturbing discovery inside their apartment and are now being evicted by their landlord because of it.

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Ava and Bridget Moran are twin sisters and roommates, and they say they found two peepholes inside their Queensberry Street apartment which they say were not there when they first moved in.

If that wasn't unsettling enough, not long after they reported the peepholes to police and their landlord, they were served with an eviction notice. The notice gave them 14 days to find a new place to live.

"Randomly, one day she said, 'Have we ever had a hole under our mirror?'" Ava Moran said.

She says she found the peephole in her room first, drilled right into her bedroom wall underneath a mirror.

"If you stuck something perfectly at that angle, you'd be able to see the entire bedroom," Ava said.

Bridget said she found hers the next day -- a similar looking hole hidden in the back of her closet.

"I opened my closet one day just looking at my clothes, I moved all my clothes hangers to the side and noticed I could see light," Bridget said.

She then recorded a video on her phone from her apartment building's boiler room, showing that, through the peephole, you can see right into her bedroom, even when the closet doors are closed.

"What are they seeing?" Bridget said. "I sleep here, I change here, I talk to my friends here. This is my private space."

And the feeling that their privacy has been invaded is not the only problem with which the Moran sisters have had to deal.

They are being served with an eviction notice from the building's management company, Alpha Management, for not paying rent for the month of June.

Massachusetts legislation dictates that residents can withhold paying rent if a criminal investigation into the apartment or building is ongoing.

A lawyer for Alpha Management Corporation said the eviction notice is not retaliation, and that it is only being served because the sisters did not pay this month's rent.

"When your privacy is taken away from you, you don't know what could be taken away from you," Ava said.

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