'Chork' Panda Express' answer for those who can’t use chopsticks

Hold on to your spork, the latest cutlery creation combines the efficiency of a fork and the far east tradition of the chopstick.

It's called a "chork" and the red plastic flatware features a four-tined fork on one end and a pair of chopsticks attached at the other.

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Chinese fast food purveyor Panda Express is considering offering the inventive flatware.

"(It's) the perfect way to illustrate the mashup of American and Chinese cultures," Panda Express said in a statement to First We Feast.

Inventor Brown Innovation Group indicates the food conveyance is a three-in-one tool. The chopsticks can be separated from the fork or kept attached and used like training wheels. They debuted the product at the 2010 National Restaurant Association trade show and started selling them the next year, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

While the restaurant is considering offering chorks, there are no plans to roll them out yet, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

"Chorks are a unique utensil that elevate the way people experience their food," Panda Express told First We Feast. "While Chorks are not currently available at Panda Express locations, there is a possibility that they will make their way into stores in the future."

Still, what better way to eat Panda Express' chow mein - than with a chork?

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