Chief of police leaves town hall in underwear after council dissolves one-man department

A New Hampshire town’s chief of police left town hall in his underwear after officials voted to dissolve the one-man department.

"I was told that I had to turn over the keys to the cruiser and my uniform immediately. I had no other means of transportation, as the cruiser is a take-home vehicle, and I have no spare clothes in the office, so I did as ordered," police chief Richard Lee told the Union Leader.

Lee, who had worked nearly 20 years for the town, walked nearly a mile home during a snowstorm in a pair of boots, his hat and underwear before his wife picked him up.

The cut was an attempt to save about $50,000 in the town's budget, the Union Leader reported. The town will contract its services from the New Hampshire State Police.

Lee will receive a month’s severance pay.

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