Caught on camera: Women brawl over parking spot at Houston Zoo

According to KTRK, several drivers were looking for parking spaces at the zoo Wednesday when a woman ran out of a car and tried to hold an empty spot, witness Linda Padilla told the station. But things got heated after someone else tried to park in that spot.

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"The lady tried to pull in, and that's when the lady walked up and hit her car," Padilla told KTRK. "Then the lady jumps out of her car, and they started going at it."

A viral video of the incident shows other women get involved as the two others fight. Meanwhile, another woman puts a stroller in the empty spot.

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Police were called to the scene, but the complainant was no longer there when they arrived, KTRK reports.

In a statement, the zoo said it did not own or manage the parking lot but was "disappointed to see the behavior displayed by the adults in the video." 

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