Cat mistakenly shipped across Canada reunited with family after long journey

If you have cats, you know they’ll never pass up a box to play in.

One cat, though, got an adventure of a lifetime after crawling into the wrong box.

When Jackie Lake packed up some car rims, one of the boxes had something extra inside -- she just didn't know it, CTV News reported.

Her cat Baloo crawled inside when no one was looking.

Lake taped up the boxes and sent them on their merry way to Montreal.

She did think something was off when one box was 10 pounds heavier than the others, but figured something was different on the rims, CBC News reported.

Eventually Lake realized Baloo was gone, but didn't know where her cat went, CTV reported.

So she followed the traditional lost pet route, hanging signs in case Baloo had gotten out of the house.

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A couple of days later, a company called Lake’s home asking if she had shipped a cat.

Baloo survived his cross-country trip and wasn't any worse for wear. He was alive and was actually running around the delivery truck after clawing his way out of the box, CTV News reported.

Eventually, with the help of volunteers from Freedom Drivers, an animal rescue transport group, Baloo was back home in Nova Scotia. He also has an extra accessory that came home with him -- a tracker added to him so he's easier to find if he gets out again, CTV reported.

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