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Cars damaged by plastic wrap stretched across highway

Authorities say a group of people apparently thought it would be fun to take plastic wrap, attach it to overpass columns along the I-90 exit to Kingston, and then tightly stretch it across the road.

Shoshone County Deputy Jeremy Ross said several cars were damaged, including one that had its windshield shattered.

Authorities say the plastic is actually comparable to water, because if it’s hit at close range, it won't do much damage, but the results could be disastrous if struck at a high speed.

Deputies said the prank could have fatal results.

The group of people ran away from the scene by the time deputies arrived.  No one was hurt, but if a sheet of plastic could do significant damage to a car, it could be fatal for a motorcyclist.

"It's warming up, people are starting to ride their bikes again, and that could be a serious, serious issue,” said Ross.

Should someone be killed by the pranksters’ actions, they could face manslaughter charges.