Cam Newton gave food to homeless in Baltimore, witness says

A Carolina Panthers fan and her husband said she saw quarterback Cam Newton giving food to the homeless the night before the team’s preseason game in Baltimore.

Newton and his teammates were in Baltimore to play the Ravens last week and went to dinner at Sullivan’s.

That's when Candace Gregory said she saw Newton carrying two bags from the restaurant and giving one of the bags to a homeless man sitting next to a bus stop, ESPN's David Newton reported.

Gregory snapped a photo of the homeless man, who was holding a sign that read “Homeless Please help hungry – food,” right after the quarterback gave him the bag.

Gregory said she talked to the homeless man, who didn’t know who Newton was but was just happy to have food.

According to Gregory, it was obvious that Newton ordered extra food with the intent to give it away. It was not leftovers and he was not doing it for the cameras.

Panthers’ backup quarterback Joe Webb told David Newton that such acts of kindness from the NFL MVP are like second nature.

Gregory said Newton had no idea that she and her husband were watching the kind gesture.

“It was a quick, smooth motion, like he was handing the ball off to a running back,” Gregory told ESPN.

Read ESPN's full story here.

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