Bride, still in wedding gown, rescued from car’s sunroof during flooding

A fairytale wedding has a fairytale rescue, but it wasn’t a prince on a white steed who came to the rescue of a bride. Instead it was police and a Humvee that fulfilled the heroic prince role.

A bride and her groom became trapped when flood waters rose around their car in Bogota, New Jersey, The North Jersey Record reported.

Police were able to get to the couple using a Humvee. The bride climbed out of the sunroof of her car, holding her dress away from the flood waters, and into the awaiting rescue vehicle.

And while a wedding day is usually the bride’s day, they couldn’t forget the groom, too, who also got out of the waterlogged car and into the rescue vehicle.

"They're in pretty decent spirits considering everything that happened," Sgt. Geoffrey Cole told the Record.

He said the area is prone to flooding because of a brook 50 feet from the road.

Police said in the department’s now-viral Facebook post, “Obviously their day has not gone as planned, so let’s congratulate them on their wedding and give them best wishes for a lifetime of love and adventure, starting now!”

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