Breastfeeding moms hold nurse-in at Walmart

“The manager came over and said 'Can you please not do that?'" Moreno said. "And I was kind of shocked like, 'Do what?' I didn't know what I was doing wrong."

The manager told her he received a customer complaint and asked her to stop breastfeeding her baby or cover up.
"I was like 'Oh no, I'm protected by Oklahoma law that it's okay to breastfeed in public,'" Moreno said.

The incident prompted Moreno, along with several moms, to take action and hold a nurse-in.

"I support women. I support babies. This is a human rights issue as well as a women's rights issue," nursing mother Cari Marie Ragsdale said.
The women walked around the store, nursing their babies as they demonstrated.
"We did get some looks and stuff," mom Renee McBay said. "People were very curious."

The women said they want all companies to educate their employees about breastfeeding laws.
"If you're a manager, it should be something you're taught," demonstrator and mom Rachael Sloat said. "I mean you should know it's the law,"

A Walmart company spokesperson said nursing mothers are always welcome to breastfeed inside their stores, and they are currently investigating the incident.