Boy reunited with birthday card after Facebook post goes viral

An Indiana boy is going to enjoy the birthday money his grandparents sent him, thanks to the honesty and kindness of a restaurant patron.

Steve Yoder posted on Facebook that he found a child’s birthday card in the parking lot of a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Fort Wayne, WTHR reported.
Yoder had finished eating out with family members when he found the card. 
"It was to a boy from his grandparents," said Yoder told WPTA

In his Facebook post, Yoder mentioned there was money in the card, but not providing any more details, hoping whoever was looking for the card would get word and reach out to him.
And it worked, as nearly 7,000 people shared Yoder's Facebook post, WTHR reported.
Corey Schroyer's mother came forward to identify the card and how much cash was in it, WTHR reported.
"I guess it was fate, I guess you could say," Yoder told WPTA.
Yoder said there was not a lot of cash in the birthday card, but that was not the point. Finding the rightful owner was. 
"I had my son with me and he's 13 years old and I wanted to make sure I'm doing the right thing in front of my son,” Yoder told WPTA. “So that he knows it's not OK to just take something that's not yours."  

Last night, my family went to Texas Roadhouse in Fort Wayne, IN to celebrate my mom's birthday. On our way out, I found...

Posted by Steve Yoder on Saturday, March 4, 2017

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