Boy crashes Mississippi TV weather report

Patrick Ellis, meteorologist for Jackson, Mississippi station WLBT, was working his nightly shift when a youngster took over his broadcast for a few seconds last week.
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Ellis was pointing out weather patterns on a map when a boy named Houston ran onto the set.

"I don't know what's going on," the boy said, gesturing off-camera. "Are you sure? Are you crazy sure?"
Ellis, not missing a beat, maintained his composure and asked the boy if he wanted to give the weather report. That's when Houston told the audience “there were farts everywhere and toots ...”
At that point, the boy’s father ran on to the set and grabbed his son, taking him off-camera..

"You can't make this up," Ellis said in another tweet.
The video had more than 13,000 views, and Ellis shot a video the next day explaining what happened,
It turns out Houston is the son of a lawyer who's part of a call-in show that airs after the evening news, Mashable reported. The lawyers and Houston were waiting for the news to wrap up in the break room, when Houston decided to crash the weather report.
"He busts into the studio," Ellis told Mashable. “At first, everyone thought he was just there to watch the news up close.
"Then all of a sudden, he leans in and he got a head start to run to the wall," Ellis said.

Soooo yesterday we had a viral moment - here's the explanation on what happened...

Posted by Patrick Ellis - Meteorologist on Sunday, March 5, 2017

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