Bodycam video shows officers pull disabled man out of car

Recently obtained police body camera video footage shows officers pulling a disabled man out of his car so it can be repossessed.

Video of the 2017 incident was published Friday by

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Willie Jones had fallen on hard times before police pulled him out of his car causing him even more problems.
"It seems like a nightmare. It seems like a dream," Jones said.

The 69-year-old had suffered a stroke that caused some paralysis on his left side. He was going through a divorce. He had lost his job and was living in his car with his five pet turtles. But Jones said things got really bad when a repo man woke him one night in October 2017 while he was in a parking lot in Southwest Atlanta.

He asked for time to gather his medicine, important papers, clothes and turtles, but instead the repo man called police.

Officers repeatedly asked him to get out of his car. At one point a sergeant is heard saying on the video, “OK, if you’re not going to come on out, we gonna have to pull you out.”

Jones told the officers he needed to get his things and told them about his limp arm and leg brace. After more failed attempts to get him out, an officer is heard on body camera video saying:
"If that's the case, we're going to give him some Georgia power."

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