Bill Gates playing Secret Santa gives Reddit user surprise of a lifetime

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What You Need To Know: Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is playing Santa again.

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A woman who signed up to take part in Reddit's massive Secret Santa gift exchange on Wednesday got the surprise of a lifetime when she learned her username was picked by none other than the tech billionaire.

Megan Cummins – AKA VietteLLC on Reddit – shared the unbelievable arrival of the gifts in a post.

"I've done the Reddit gift exchange for years now. I love all the silly little gifts. I always check out the Bill Gates post and laugh at how crazy it must have been for that person, never for a second even considering it a possibility for me. HA!!" she wrote.

“I could fit about 5 of me in the box I got. I did, in fact, stare awkwardly at the FedEx guy - I was so far beyond confused. Then I saw my Reddit username and apparently said ‘wwhaaatttt’ in such a weird way, the delivery guy started laughing. I tried to pull it inside and I guess looked ridiculous, so the guy ran back up to help me lol.”

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"As Pusheen was being released from his box, I picked up a letter with a picture, and thought it was SUPER weird that someone was so obsessed with Bill Gates as to send me a photo of him. Then I just caught fragments of the letter all at once "a donation has been made" "bill gates", and my cat's names. It clicked and I started to burst out loud laughing and crying simultaneously. I was a cliché."

“Mr. Gates donated $750 amongst 3 of my favorite cat shelters.”

She took to YouTube to show off the array of gifts.

Here’s the full list of goodies:

• 30-ish pound Pusheen. I will die holding this at 90

• A $250 donation to the FFRC

• A $250 donation to the Stray Cat Alliance

• A $250 donation to Town Cats

• A Stormy stuffed animal (Pusheen’s sister)

• A tiny Pusheen ornament

• A book on cat shelters with a sweet note inside he wrote

• A business book

• Silly Dr. Who book for my coffee table

• Dr. Who cardboard Tardis for the cats LOL!

• A $150 Gift card to True Grit

• A miniature Austrian snow-globe with a teeny tiny white kitten inside. Stunningly beautiful craftsmanship.

• A commissioned, one-of-a-kind cross-stitch of Me and my pal, Bill, and my 4 cats that says “Live Life in the Meow”

• A Japanese Daruma with a very sweet message attached to it

• Dave Matthews Band shirt

• Scroll of the map of Skyrim

• Lastly, someone hand drew all the logos of the cat shelters’ cards and on the other little notes. And they carefully wrapped every gift, paying attention to every detail.

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Last year Gates went all out for another Reddit user, see her story here.

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