Bearded men more likely to be sexist, cheat and steal, studies say

According to Psychology Today, one new study by Australian psychologists found that men with facial hair are more likely to have "hostile sexist" attitudes than their smooth-faced counterparts. 

The report, published Oct. 28 in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, examined more than 500 men from the United States and India. The subjects completed a survey that asked questions about their facial hair and gender roles.

The result? Researchers said the hairy men were more likely to exhibit "hostile sexism," such as the idea that men are superior to women and other negative attitudes toward the opposite sex. But men with beards were less likely to be classified as "benevolent sexists," who believe women need to be protected. 

Authors Julian Oldmeadow and Barnaby Dixson went on to suggest that men may grow facial hair "because it maximizes facial masculinity and augments perceived dominance."

Meanwhile, another study by social network Eva and Censuswide claims that men with "longer facial hair" are more likely to "fight, cheat and steal." The survey, which focused on men in the United Kingdom, found that 47 percent of unshorn subjects had cheated on their significant others, compared with 20 percent of men without facial hair. In addition, 45 percent of hairy respondents had been in a fight and 40 percent had stolen, compared with 29 percent and 17 percent of nonbearded men, respectively.

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