Arkansas bill would require schools to offer Bible class if enough students want it

More Arkansas public schools may offer a Bible class if a new bill becomes law.

According to The Associated Press, the state's House of Representatives voted 64-7 Tuesday to approve legislation that says a public school must offer a "nonsectarian, nonreligious academic" elective on the Bible if 15 or more students ask for the course.

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House Bill 1626 says the class would "be taught in an objective and nondevotional manner with no attempt made to indoctrinate students as to either the truth or falsity of the biblical materials or texts from other religious or cultural traditions."

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The legislation, proposed by state Rep. Joe Cloud, R-Russellville, must be approved by the state Senate and signed by the governor to become law.

State law already allows, but does not require, public schools to offer a Bible class, according to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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