Animal rescue group seeks home for blind pug and his seeing-eye Chihuahua

An animal rescue group in Colorado is looking to find a forever home for a pair of its latest foster dogs, a blind pug and his seeing-eye Chihuahua.

Augie, the pug, and Pepe, the Chihuahua, were brought to the Colorado Pug Rescue together after their owner could no longer care for them because of a terminal illness, KDVR reported.

"It was kind of like a package deal. When Augie came, (Pepe) came with him," Cyndi Trimber, a volunteer with the rescue, told KDVR. "They've been taken from the only home they knew, and they're thrown into another home. They really had to depend on each other to get through it."

Augie has likely been blind for a long time. When he was brought to the rescue, he needed surgery to remove his eyes and 14 teeth. The rescue group is also asking for help to pay the $3,100 veterinary bill.

Trimber is watching the two dogs for the time being.

"They sleep together, they eat together," Trimber told KDVR. "It's really sweet they depend on each other like that."

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