American flags hung for Veteran's Day ripped and stolen from overpass

A Veteran's support organization is furious after someone ripped and stole American flags that had been hung up to honor those who have served this country.

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Its a twice annual tradition for the sons of the American Legion to hang flags over the Mass Pike. They say whoever vandalized their memorial is desecrating the very spirit of America.

Before every Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Nick and Paul Pasquarosa, along with other members of the American Legion, hang dozens of flags from 23 overpasses in Newton and Needham.

"The response from the citizens going by is incredible," said Nick.

Both grew up in the area and have family members who have served the country.

"It means a lot to us to do it because there’s a great deal of pride in our family and our community for guys that have gone and served, and honorably served," said Paul. "I’m beyond pissed."

Twice this week, vandals went to one of the decorated overpasses, cut down the flags and stole them.

As Newton police investigate the incidents, the Pasquarosa brothers are trying to figure out the reasoning behind the vandalism.

"Their punishment ought to be to stand in front of a few veterans sometime, tell them why they did that," said Nick.

Each time Nick and Paul have come back out to remove the tatters and rehang the flags. They say it's their own form of service, fighting back against those they call cowards.

"Their resolve is not greater than our resolve," said Paul. "People died for those flags and they can tear em down, but we are gonna put them back up."

The flags will hang until after Veterans Day.

Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to call police.

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