Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy return to 'SNL' to roast Trump administration

When news broke that Alec Baldwin was hosting this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live," most fans expected a thorough roasting of President Donald Trump.

>> Watch the episode here (WARNING: Viewer discretion advised)

But here's what they probably didn't expect: Some of the toughest jabs at the administration ended up coming from other stars of the show, not Baldwin.
The latest episode kicked off with another appearance by Melissa McCarthy, whose debut last week as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made headlines and drew praise on social media.

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"I would just like to announce that I am calm now," McCarthy's Spicer shouted in Saturday's cold open before poking fun at his gum-chewing, frequent mispronunciations and repeated references to a nonexistent Atlanta terror attack. (On Wednesday, the real Spicer told ABC News that he had misspoken when he said Atlanta and "clearly meant Orlando.")

>> Sean Spicer says he 'clearly meant Orlando' after citing nonexistent Atlanta terror attack

But the deepest digs came when McCarthy-as-Spicer gave Ivanka Trump's fashion brand the QVC treatment in a reference to Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway's promotion of the line in a Fox News interview. In the sketch, McCarthy shows off a bracelet and shoes from the first daughter's collection, literally kicking up her heel.

Don't even get Spicey started on Nordstrom pulling Ivanka Trump's clothing line.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Saturday, February 11, 2017

That gag and an appearance by cast member Kate McKinnon as new Attorney General Jeff Sessions seemed to be in response to a Politico report that Trump was upset that Spicer had been played by a woman. (And that wasn't McKinnon's only role of the night: She also played Conway opposite Beck Bennett's Jake Tapper in a "Fatal Attraction" spoof and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on "Weekend Update.")

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Another bit continued the gender-bending satire. In "Leslie Wants to Play Trump," Leslie Jones dressed as Trump in an audition to take over the role from Baldwin. Vanessa Bayer also made a brief appearance in presidential drag.
Baldwin also reprised his much-lauded role as Trump in a "People's Court" parody. In that sketch, Baldwin's Trump faced off against the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges over the president's controversial travel ban. 

>> Travel ban ruling: What does it say; could there be a new travel ban; what happens next?

"I signed a tremendous travel ban. I didn’t read it, but I signed it. People took pictures of me holding up a piece of paper. Very official," Baldwin, playing Trump, said before calling Russian President Vladimir Putin (Bennett) as a character witness.
"This man is great friend," said Bennett's Putin. "He is my little American Happy Meal."

President Trump calls on a character witness at his The People's Court trial.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Saturday, February 11, 2017

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