Alabama police shooting: Mobile officer killed; man charged with capital murder

Credit: Mobile County District Attorney's Office

Credit: Mobile County District Attorney's Office

A 19-year-old man is facing a capital murder charge in the shooting death of a Mobile officer.

According to WALA-TV, Mobile police were trying to apprehend Marco Perez, who had been accused of property theft and filing a false police report, Sunday afternoon when gunfire erupted at West Mobile's Peach Place Inn. Officer Sean Tuder, 30, was shot and killed, police said.

Police arrested Perez on a capital murder charge. Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich requested that he be held without bond, reported.

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Earlier this month, authorities said Perez's mother, Tiffany, 38, filed a false police report claiming that Perez had been kidnapped days before a scheduled court appearance. According to WPMI, she told police that the supposed kidnappers had sent her messages saying Perez was dead. She was arrested Thursday.

Mobile police said Tuder had been with the department since March 2016, reported.

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