$300,000 worth of meth found liquefied in paint

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Police find $300,000 worth of meth found liquefied in paint

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Investigators seized a record amount of meth in Jackson County. Authorities said the dangerous drug was liquefied and hidden in paint.

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WSB-TV's Tom Regan learned agents seized $300,000 worth of the drug mixture.

Two people were arrested and charged in the case that alarmed neighbors.

Lula Little lives down the street from the home that investigators said held a methamphetamine processing lab.

The Jackson County sheriff's office and Homeland Security raided the home Tuesday. They say they found liquid meth mixed with paint heating on a stove and several other buckets filled with the drug mixture.

“The meth was in there with the paint, and it was being cooked and then filtered to get the meth, which worked out to be 20 to 25 kilos, is what they estimated,” said Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum.

Mangum said the bust was a record for her and one of the most bizarre methods she's come across for concealing meth.

“It's not like anything I've ever seen. It shows what lengths, the extreme the lengths they will go to bring these illegal drugs in,” Mangum said.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Randy Brown and Tamorah Draper.

The DEA said extracting liquid meth from a solvent like paint or an acetone-based product is extremely hazardous. Vapors can ignite.

“If that's going on right next door to me. We got a lot of kids here, you know. I wouldn't want anything like to blow up, to blow up and somebody gets hurt,” Little said.

“You're talking neighborhoods, that's going on right there under their noses. This is just something, I'm glad it was stopped,” Mangum said.

Homeland Security said their investigation into this is ongoing.

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