Move aside Trump and Clinton – Barbie's picked a running mate

While politicos wait to see who will stand beside presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump come November, Barbie has announced a running mate of her own.

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The toy maker unveiled President and Vice President Barbie Wednesday, making the pair the first all-female ticket for Mattel.

They're part of the Barbie careers line, "which aims to expose girls to inspiring careers and empowered roles," the company said in a news release. Other dolls in the line include a nurse, game developer, spaghetti chef, firefighter and other Barbies.

"The president and vice president dolls continue our efforts to expose girls to inspiring careers that are underrepresented by women," said Lisa McKnight, general manager and senior vice president of the Barbie line. "We see this doll set as a timely and topical platform to further the conversation around female leadership."

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Barbie partnered with She Should Run, a nonprofit organization that encourages women to run for elected office. Together, they created a worksheet to encourage girls to imagine themselves as leaders and to support one another along that journey.

The worksheet is available on

"We believe that women of all backgrounds should have an equal shot at elected leadership positions and that our country will benefit from having a government with varied perspectives and experiences," said Erin Loos Cutraro, co-founder and CEO of She Should Run.

The dolls come in a set of two – one president and one vice president – and cost $24.99. They're currently only available on Mattel's website, although the doll maker said they are in the process of getting the pairs into stores nationwide.

Both dolls come in a variety of hair colors, skin tones and face shapes.

Barbie has started selling dolls in different body types, a break from the decadeslong style of the doll. The changes were made in an effort to attract young customers.